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Movie Name: PUDHIYA MUGAM   

Song Title : Kannukku Mai Azhagu (F)
Movie Name
:: Pudhiya Mugam
Music Director
:: A.R.Rehman
:: Vairamuthu
Singer /s
:: P.Susheela
Pudhiya Mugam
:: -
Year of Release
:: 1993
:: Suresh Menon,Revathi,Vineeth
Movie Director
:: Suresh Menon

Kannukku Mai Azhagu
Kavidaikku Poi Azhagu
Avaraikku Poo Azhagu
Avarukku Naan Azhagu

Mazhai Nendra Pinnallum
Ilai Sindhum Thuli Azhagu
Alai Meeudum Ponalum
Karai Konda Nurai Azhagu
Imai Kottum Vin Azhagu
Iravodu Thaan Azhagu
Illamaram Kannukku
Epothum Naan Azhagu

Ananda Mancathil
Avinzhntalum Kuzhal Azhagu
Adaiyala Muthathil
Azhinthalum Pottu Azhagu
Pennodu Kadal Vandal
Perai Kooda Perazhagu
Ennodu Nei Irunthal
Irul Kooda Ore Azhagu

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